After Nagpur University, SPPU students demand online exams, trend on Twitter

SPPU students are now demanding online exams. Soon after Nagpur University decided to do away with the mandate of offline exams, Pune University students are also asking for #JusticeForPuneUniversityStudents. The demand for SPPU Online exams is now trending on Twitter.

Savitribai Phule Pune University, SPPU Online exams are the new set of demands by students studying in Pune University affiliated colleges. Right after Nagpur University decided to go ahead with online exams, SPPU students have also stormed Twitter with their demands.

SPPU Online Exam demands trend on Twitter | Pune University

SPPU students have been using the hashtag #JusticeForPuneUniversityStudents to draw attention to their cause. On Twitter, Pune University students have argued in favour of their demands, saying that online classes are a big reason for asking for online exams.

Students have argued that if SPPU has held classes online for a larger part of the semesters, then exams must also be held online. At this point, when the transition to offline classes is rather new after a long gap, students don’t want Pune University to be hasty in their decision of having offline exams.

A student wrote on Twitter, “If the maximum teachings and syllabus is covered online then exams must be conducted online. Winter exams are conducted in Feb and March how is it even possible to conduct 2-semester exams within a span of 3 months? #JusticeForPuneUniversityStudents @samant_uday #sppu”

Another Twitter user wrote, “We’re not asking for online exams because it’s easy for us to pass exams, we want it for some genuine reasons that students are suffering hope we get justice in this matter. #sppu @samant_uday #sppuexam #summersem #WeWantOnlineExam #ONLINEEXAM #JusticeForPuneUniversityStudents.”

Many SPPU students asking for online exams have even tagged Maharashtra Minister of Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant in their posts. With this, they wish the Minister to intervene in this so that SPPU can hold online exams for students.

As of now, SPPU has not come up with any official reaction tn these demands. Meanwhile, SPPU students continue to storm social media hoping that Pune University will give into their demands of online exams.

source – Timesnow

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