What is Bank Locker Terms And Conditions in 2022-2023

Bank Locker Terms And Conditions

Every person finding a way to keep his documents and gold safe in this people’s bank locker is the best option. gold and jewelry can be theft from home, and the document can be missed or damaged by fire so avoiding this bank locker is the best option.

 But when you take locker bank locker terms and conditions are important for customers.

so avoid confusion about locker rules we know in this blog what is bank locker terms and conditions.

Today many banks offer bank locker facilities. when we take locker there are some rules and terms which are important. if we did not read these rules it harms us in future

1. Bank Account –

If you want a bank locker then you have to open a saving account. saving account is important when you want a bank locker.

2. Locker Annual Rent

if you want a bank locker first you have to keep 3 years of locker rent and amount as a charge for the forced opening of the locker.

3. Kyc of Bank Locker Account

For allowing bank locker bank demand KYC from an old and new customer.KYC means your id proof such as an adder card, pan card, or election card. address proof is an adder card, driving license, light bill, etc.

4. About Bank Locker Key

Bank gives one key to the customer, if the customer is joint then also issue on key. the customer has to maintain the key carefully if the key lost by the customer then the bank opens the locker to broke it. all locker brake charges pay or bear to the customer so the key is important.

5. Bank Locker Eligibility –

Minor can not hire a bank locker. blind person, an illiterate person can also avail of this facility .firm, company, trust, association, a partnership firm can get bank locker facilities. if customers want a bank locker operated jointly, either or survivor, then it is available.

6. If Delay In Paying the Rent

If the customer does not pay rent on time then the bank penal the customer for taking some charges or with 2 % and more than 2% penal interest on arrears from the customer.

7. Nomination Of Bank Locker

Nomination facilities are available for bank lockers. if a customer dies for some reason then the asset gets to its nominee. 

if the customer does not mention the nominee then all locker assets get to their legal hair. A nomination facility is not available in respect of lockers hired in joint names if the operations are to be allowed under the single signature of any of the hirer(s).

More than one person can be nominated in the case of a locker held in joint names to be operated under the joint signatures of two or more persons. In the event of the death of such joint hirer(s),    the  Bank may give such nominee/s, jointly with the surviving joint hirer(s),  as the case may be, access to the Locker.

8. Locker Operation Time

locker customers can use the locker within bank time or bank business hours and bank working days.

9. Surrender Of The Locker

The locker can be surrendered by the customer or their duly authorized representatives. When a customer desires to surrender his locker through a representative. 

The customer should obtain a letter of authority in form No. RF130, which is easily getting in the branch, where there are instructions for joint operation of lockers, the same instructions are applicable for the purpose of surrendering lockers also

10. Allotment Of The Locker

Bank locker allotment on a first come first serve basis. The waiting list is maintained at the branches providing the facility and applications for the locker facility are Acknowledged and given a waiting list number.

non-operation within the stipulated period may lead back to breaking open the locker at the cost of locker hirer(s)  and dealing with the articles prescribed.

11. Court Order For Bank Locker

If court-ordered to stop the operation of locker then bank not allow to customer to operate locker.

12. Bank Responsibility Against Locker Damage

The bank is not responsible for damage or loss of locker arising any course. Bank will not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of obligation resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control.

 such as natural catastrophes, governmental acts or omissions, laws or regulations, civil commotion, war, labor strikes, lockouts, and other exceptional circumstances.

13. Can NRI person Open A Bank Locker

NRI can open a bank locker there is no permission required for opening a bank locker.

14. Bank Locker Agreement

customer has to make an agreement with the bank on 100/- rs. stamp for bank locker.

15. Non-Operation Of The Locker

The customer is required to operate the locker at least once in every six months and if the locker remains not operated for more than a year from the last date of operation then the Bank will have a right to cancel the allotment of the locker.

 by giving notice for security reasons and treating the customer as a defaulter, notwithstanding that the rent has been paid up to date.

16. On Which Condition Bank Locker Break

The Bank will publish the names of defaulters who have not paid the rent on its becoming due in spite of notices sent.

The Bank may break the lockers within a period of 6 months from the date rent became overdue and by sending due notices as per the bank’s norms. However, in respect of High Risk and Medium Risk customers, the procedure will be followed as per point No. 1(iv) above.

In case of breaking open the locker, one thousand will be recovered as incidental charges over and above the actual cost incurred for the same.

17. Rules For Surrender Of locker

If you want to surrender your locker then you have to give a 7-day prior notice to your bank and if you do not give this notice then your locker period renews for next year.

if you surrender your bank locker within the completion of the year then your rent returns to you by the bank. bank locker rent is taken from the bank as three-year rent in form of a fixed deposit if you surrender locker within three years then the bank brake f.d as premature and returns you remaining rent into your account.

18. If Bank Locker Theft

If bank locker theft in that case bank is not liable for customer valuables in a bank locker. as per the reserve bank of India bank is not responsible for theft, damages, civil war .customer is responsible for his valuable goods.

19. Which Asset Can Customer Keep In Locker

Customers can keep gold, ornaments, and document in a bank locker. Customers can not keep hazardous items in the bank locker and illegal items in a bank locker.

20. Bank Locker Insurance

Bank not provide insurance to your bank locker but customers can individually apply for bank locker insurance. in India, some insurance companies avail bank locker insurance facilities such as Tokio General Insurance has introduced a “bank locker protector policy”.

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